Whitehot Magazine October, 2020
New York

A Scan Through The Canon: Mary Jones' Attachments at High Noon Gallery
By Andrew Paul Woolbright
The Brooklyn Rail November, 2020
New York

Mary Jones: Attachments
By Hovey Brock
Sagharbor Express June 4, 2019
New York

'Divine Intervention' Transforms Christ Church in Sag Harbor
By Michelle Trauring
DART International Magazine Februry 9, 2019
New York

'Travel Light'
By Christopher Hart Chambers
artcritical Februry 7, 2019
New York

Mary Jones: Travel Light at High Noon
By David Cohen
Huffpost January 2013
Los Angeles

Mary Jones & Bobbie Oliver
By Peter Frank
Mary Jones and Bobbie Oliver both ply their abstract styles in New York, but they are exemplars of their time and age rather than location. They both invest what has become a standard language of color and form with their own stylistic earmarks, managing to assert the distinctiveness of their voices in an essentially universal context. Although they share a painterliness - (read more)
ARTnews June 2007
Los Angeles

Mary Jones, Jancar
By Richard Chang
Mary Jones employed two very different paintings techniques in this show. The watercolors on paper, combining sections of figuration with thin washes and heavy blots of pigment, were wistful and introspective. Her oil-on-linen abstractions, with broad swaths of paint applied using a brush, cardboard, and a palette knife, were splashy and expressive... (read more)
Los Angeles

Mary Jones at Jancar
By Constance Mallinson
In both her intimate studylike oils and the larger waiercolors on paper (most 2006), Mary Jones gambols with a full repertoire of painting effects: drips, splatters, bleeds, scrapings. stencilings... (read more)
LA WEEKLY Wed, January 10, 2007
Art Pick

By Peter Frank
Mary Jones' sensibility is far more painterly, but she, too, revels in the look and feel of her medium, conjuring up some surprisingly moving neo-neo-expressionist images -- images that either aren't really "there" (floral apparitions actually transferred as photocopies to paper) or are so “there” they seem almost scratched into the canvas... (read more)
LOS ANGELES TIMES Fri, 22 December 2006
Around The Galleries
By David Pagel, Special to The Times

Big or small, an eyeful nonetheless
Mary Jones' new paintings fall into two groups: compact oils on linen with earthy solidity and big watercolors on paper that are loose, fluid and atmospheric. Both are juicy. Installed in the closet-size space of Jancar Gallery, they unleash loads of visual energy... (read more)
ARTnews June, 2000
New York

Jeffrey Coploff Fine Art

By Hilarie M. Sheets
The starring half of this concise little show of two paintings by Mary Jones was Primitive Arrangements (1999). With its citrusy oranges and milky whites spreading and looping over the broad canvas, it was as alluring as a creamsicle... (read more)

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